The Nosy Lava's prisonners

Nosy Lava, an island located 25 kms off the coast of Analalava, northwest of Madagascar. A convict prison was built there in 1911 by the French. Following a report of a Malagasy journalist entitled "The Wretched of the Earth" published in 1998 and a film whose very Rivoherizo Andriaoto was the director, all convicts incarcerated before the country's independence who had served more than ten times their sentences were libérés.Le prison was officially closed in 2002.
Today there are nine. Some have been there for over thirty years. Murderers "dahalos" (thieves zebu), they were all sentenced to hard labor for life. Their families think they died in prison. They see it so long ago. The prison no longer afford to maintain these prisoners considered less dangerous, they must fend for themselves to live, it is through barter they break out. Some fishermen are workers for the villagers at the other end of the island while others grow cassava on the former penal camp or distill toka gasy, the local rum which are all heavy drinkers.
A guard? He disappeared for two years moneyer likely leaving the head of the prison Analalava to be replaced by a ... keeper held the ruins of his former prison. The others are themselves guardians of the penal camp, zebu, coconut palms.
Officially, the island still has some forty prisoners. The nine still living on the island, unable to pay the head of the prison Analalava to win their freedom, trying in vain for years of requests for clemency from the president. Application should be supported by the head of the prison Analalava. The president, already caught in a protracted political crisis that he knows already that this statute is so special about the island?.
December 2009.