"The for's ways"

Surrounded by a strong, cemetery, railroad and finally the periphery of Paris, "the four roads" is a quiet enclave with a strong identity as straddles two municipalities: Aubervllers and Pantin on both sides of the Avenue Jean Jaures.
Inhabitant of old housing which half could be described as relegation, the population of working-class origin, once used in two large companies and what were Motobecane Great Mills, must now contend with a proportion of people from various, often in precarious situations and facing the problems of directemenbt overcrowding and degradation of their homes.
Through the efforts of responses, both common struggle against the dysfunctional urban present and wish to change the image of this district, but also ensure respect two parameters: the space to keep his side "old quarter of Paris" and ensure not result in the exclusion of the poorest populations.
Between 2004 and 2005, the district has seen property prices rise by 20%.

Emmanuel Blivet 2005-2007.