Free referees

Meetings about winning the 2005 Aidda photography and social documentary.
A 2006 survey revealed that 77% of French people consider positively the quality of refereeing, but it nevertheless remains that in 2005 approximately 120 complaints of football referees were filed for assault and 350 referees have been victims of violence.
Very recently, Frederick Mohier, football referee was assaulted County is in the eye by a player before being admitted unconscious to hospital in Creil. Since September 16, 2007, this young 32 year old father still has not regained his job as a driver.
Indeed, the middle of football referees small divisions is increasingly affected by a certain violence that is becoming commonplace.
The news lately has been focused on the elite referees (spit Fabien Barthez, the Swede Anders Frisk resigned following death threats), but the stakes matches departmental divisions are often accompanied a latent tension that can explode very quickly if the "boss" does not match. The insults and even beatings by the public are unfortunately the weekly ration for these enthusiasts, but also the aggressiveness wins the field, mostly excused by a lucidity that the skids for a moment.
The angle of this story is not to pick fights, but rather to capture these moments of tension, loneliness, and involvement of arbitrators and their mutual support, which accompany each of their matches.

Emmanuel Blivet 2006.