Overlooking the Mesopotamian plain raunchy extending to Syria, Mardin, Turkish town of 50000 souls for 7000 years is an uninterrupted series of struggles between rival armies. The latest conflict pitted the PKK (Kurdistan Liberation Party) government. The Turkish army, still very present, occupies the fortress.

On a hillside, the city of ocher stone was once inhabited by a large community of Christians. The Assyrians settled in the 5th century and then came the Arabs and the Ottomans in the 16th century Selim the Terrible.
In the early 20th century, many Assyrian Christians were forced to leave town to escape persecution. There are now a handful of families who celebrate their faith in the latest Christian churches in the city.

Despite this painful past, the city is gradually opening up to tourism. For those who want to get lost, it awakens all the senses and offers a true fullness. His unique view of Mesopotamia, the richness and diversity of its architecture, its winding streets and bustling bazaar MARDIN make a real jewel of Eastern Anatolia.
Despite his efforts, the city is yet failed to register at World Heritage Site by Unesco. Today, many buildings are in ruins, Turkey can not afford to fund only the restoration.

Emmanuel Blivet 2006.