Pigeon flye

A pigeon was sold in 2015 for the unprecedented sum of … 1.25 million euros. Chinese buyer, Belgian seller. New Bliksem (that's his name), athlete in short, transferred from one team to another, and stallion ready to reproduce. We are talking here about a sport, pigeon racing, which consists of breeding and racing carrier pigeons. Contrary to what is sometimes believed, the pigeon cannot go anywhere. It's always a return to the loft. Even today, we do not quite understand how the animal locates itself. It sees ten times better than us, and we discovered magnetic nanoparticles in its beak, a kind of GPS allowing it to be almost infallible in clear weather. The army was not mistaken in sending carrier pigeons during the 14-18 war for the transmission of information. Ten years ago, Granville hospital still entrusted vials containing blood tests to pigeons heading to the Avranches biochemistry laboratory.
In Normandy-Brittany, men and women find themselves around a passion, a sport, a game, a competition in any case. Members of associations and with a license, they participate from April to October in federal competitions by sending their athletes by truck sometimes to Barcelona from where they will return during the day. Everyone has their own techniques; some play "widowhood" by separating the male from the female just before a race, others "naturally" through hatching eggs.
As in any competitive sport, doping exists, but preparing your foals all year long for the idea of ​​seeing them return home as soon as possible exhales their owners, despite the time and money to invest in it.