Dancing teas

It is a convivial pastime, borrowed of elegance and respect, which brings together, in the afternoon, in a very sober atmosphere, the lovers of the dance.
This is an opportunity to make beautiful and beautiful for these appointments are expected and sketched, shared with passionate friends.
These are dance meetings that no judge, without ever having set foot, bad reputation or obsolete, destructive couples, while the real pleasure is to participate.
It's the pleasure of dancing until the end of the afternoon, to the sound of the accordion, a musette waltz pulling his rider against himself like a magnet.
These are familiar catchphrases and popular hits with faces and bodies focused on music played by a group that does not take a break. At the edge of the wooden floor, tables allow you to blow
It is the rapidity of the waltzes which have this particularity that they dance according to the principle of the centrifugal force. The faster they are, the more the dancers must get closer, the companion, by the waist, held. If they are slow, the waltzer must hold his rider by the shoulder and with elegance.
This is the place where we met his wife or her husband, sometimes her lover
it changes television

The photographic series

It's getting into the dance, in this time of memories, the present time that scrolls.

It's trying to penetrate the intimacy of the dancers, couples mixed or not, united for a long time or partners of a piece.

It is to participate in the writing of a popular memory.

Emmanuel Blivet