Common core

"Once trees were people like us, but stronger, happier, more in love, can be wiser, that's all," said Jacques Prévert.
  The Tree was there on Earth well before Man. And since our arrival, special links, subsidiary and fusional have been woven. It nourishes our imagination and takes care of a part of our consciousness. Peter Wohllenben, forest engineer and German writer, even evokes the absence of a difference of nature between us and them, if not the temporality of life. According to him, trees are sensitive to pain. They have an ability to memorize and communicate with each other, and also a sense of taste and solidarity.
Accomplice, witness, manhandled, embarrassing, jealous, shy, invasive, discreet, supportive, communicating, protective, proud, impenetrable ..., the Tree is all that at once. Witnessing the passage of time and the desire of man to impose himself in the landscape, the tree has become his mirror.
But finally, as in an old couple, what is left between you and this love-hate relationship?

The GR 221 hiking trail.
   Inseparable from the history of the department of Manche, the Tree is the little talkative king of the hedgerow landscapes that have transformed so much over the last 50 years. A pretext for photographic work, the GR221 crosses protected sites, towns, hamlets, valleys, farms ... It cuts the department from east to west for more than a hundred kilometers.

This series comes from a carte blanche of the CAUE de la Manche. 2017.