Outdoor signs

The Reunion Island is often cited as a model of diversity, the result of multiple inheritance of the people and landscapes that comprise it. In times of crisis, and always ask questions about their identity, the views of Reunion on the World and their relationship with him became open, diverse, more complex, and now exceed the old clichés.
The photographic work that I have led for more than a year is not an approach to a religious, ethnic or social. He is not here to try to decipher or identify signs of belonging. According to my work, and uncompromising, the idea of uncovering other "trappings" the island's territory has become. Mixing takes place and, more universal, more seamless. These signs historical, environmental, social, religious, Western and others come here to cross, get rich, and finally compose a landscape Reunion more than ever in contact with the outside.
Work in progress.
Emmanuel Blivet 2010 -