- Exhibition of the series "Les cabanes de Vezins" at Cargo / Caen as part of the Altérités festival "La nature des hommes". March-April 2021.

- Honorable mention at the international Monovisions Photography Awards 2020 competition with the "Julouville" series. 2020.

- Collective exhibition of contributors to the magazine "Michel". "The Lodge of Authors" / Rouen, "Le Tétris" / Le Havre. FR. Oct-Nov 2020.

- Exhibition of portraits of "Atipic" employees at the Le Phoenix media library, Colombelles (FR)
  from January 7 to February 8, 2020. With photographer Virginie Meigné and journalist Simon Gouin.
  Collective Grand Format.

"L'École du voyage", Photographic and sound exhibition within the framework of the festival "From reality # 5.
  Renaissance theater, Mondeville (FR). With journalist Marylène Carre.  Collective Grand Format.

- Exhibition "The career of Vaubadon" at IUT Campus 3 of Caen as part of the project
   Art (yew) acts. March-April 2019.

- Collective exhibition "Preskill'Art". October 2018. Caen.

- Exhibition of "The Gold Rush in Burkina Faso" at Ptit lieu, Caen. Serie selected at
 " Bourse du Talent 31" category reportage 2007.
  Reading-concert with the musician Oua Anou Diara. March 2018.

-International Biennial of the image of Nancy. Theme: the game. May 2016.

- Art Karlsruhe, fair of contemporary art in Germany, with the gallery Charron (Paris).
February 2016.

- Traveling exhibition "On the road Hubert Delisle" in partnership with the European Union
and the Réunion Region. The meeting. 2014-2016

- Winner Meeting of the "Overseas women" contest organized by the Ministry of Overseas
sea. Exhibition on the facade of the Ministry. Paris. 2014.

- The photographic booths. Granville. 2012.

- Screening of "Rennes N # S" at the "Public Image" festival. Rennes. 2012.

- "The great adventure of Eastern Christians" traveling collective exhibition in France

- "Post Docks" Exhibition at the Central University Library of Le Havre. Jan-Feb 2010

- "To be 20 years old in Romania". Exhibition at the House of Europe and East. Paris. 2007.

- "Dona Dona # 1" First campaign against AIDS in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)
Exhibition at the festival Solidays 2007 in partnership with Solidarité Sida and Negatif Plus. Paris.

- Awarded at the Aidda Photography Meetings with "Free Arbitrators". Paris. 2005.

- "Malimuzic" Traveling exhibition in the colleges of Ile and Vilaine twinned with Mali.
Project supported by the Youth Challenge 35, the city of Rennes and Crous Bretagne. 2001-


- 2018 - Photographer at the Departmental Council of Calvados/ Normandy

- 2018: Member of the team of the new magazine Michel (Art, culture and society in

- 2005-2018: National Press Collaborations: The World, The Obs, The Express,
International Alternatives, Politis, La Croix, West France, Respect magazine, Technikart,
Stradda, So Foot, and territorial: Leu mag, TCO magazine ...

- 2009-2018: Orders from companies, agencies and associations: Mutualité française de
Normandy, Calvados Habitat, Caen Sea Habitat, Careers GFCie Pignet, CAUE 50,
Nordik Impakt, Aprim Agencies, 21º South and Imaz Press, A thousand smiles ...

- 2013: Documentary of 52 min. on the neighborhood of Bois de Nèfles Piton St Leu in the frame
an operation to renovate unsanitary housing. Sakousi Association. Reunion Island.

- 2012: Traveling book-exhibition "Meeting, who are you? With biographer Jennifer Vignaud.
In partnership with the Réunion Region.


Member of SAIF (distributed by Picturetank), Singulart online gallery, VOAR platform


2005: Photojournalism training at the School of Information Services EMI / CFD. Paris.
Internship in the collective of photographers Tendance Floue.

2004: Internship at the Jean Verdier Photographic Center with Carlo Werner. Paris.

2001: Master of Social Geography at the University of Rennes 2.